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3 on 3

3 on 3 Rules 2019

Pelham Panthers 3 on 3 Rules

Article 1 Court and Ball

1.1 The game will be played on a 3 on 3 basketball court with 1 basket.  A regular 3 on 3 court playing surface is 15m (sideline to sideline) x 11m (baseline to end line).  Half a traditional basketball court may be used (Note: at grassroots levels, 3 on 3 can be played anywhere, court markings shall be adapted to available space).

1.2 The official game ball size will stay consistent to OBA guidelines for age/gender.

Article 2 Teams

2.1 Each team shall consist of 3-4 players (3 players on the court and 1 substitute).

Article 3 Game Officials

3.1 The game officials shall consist of 1 court monitor (referee) and 1 scorekeeper.

3.2 Please respect the court monitors and scorekeepers.

3.3 Coaching is not allowed (no dialogue with court monitors, scorekeepers or players).

Article 4 Beginning of the Game

4.1 Both teams shall warm-up simultaneously prior to the game.

4.2 A coin flip (or rock, paper, scissors) shall determine which team receives the 1st possession.

Article 5 Game Length/Winner of Game

5.1 The playing time shall be as follows: one period of 10 minutes of running time.  All games will start on the same clock.

5.2 The winner is determined by whichever team is winning at the end of 10 minutes. 

5.3 Ties can occur in round robin play but will be settled by foul shots in play-off and championship rounds (teams shoot alternating foul shots, the winner is decided by whomever is ahead after first two shooters have shot, if it is tied, two more shooters shoot and so on until a winner is decided).

5.4 The break in between games is to be used for teams to get warmed up and ready.  Please be at your courts ready to go.

Article 6 Scoring

6.1 Every shot scored inside the arc shall be awarded one (1) point.

6.2 Every shot scored beyond the arc shall be awarded two (2) points.

Article 7 Fouls/Free Throws

7.1 A team is in a penalty situation after it has committed 7 fouls and will then be in bonus – shooting one shot for one point.

7.2 A shooting foul will result in only one free throw. The free throw shall be awarded 1 point for a shot taken inside the arc and 2 points for a shot taken beyond the arc.

7.3 If the basket is scored and a foul has occurred, 1 foul shot will be awarded for 1 additional point.

7.4 All players will lineup and play for the miss.  If the foul shot is scored the other team will gain possession.

Article 8 How the Ball is played

8.1 Following each successful field goal or free throw:

-A player from the non-scoring team will resume the game by checking the ball at the top of the arc (the offensive attack can then be started by dribbling, passing or shooting).

8.2 Following each unsuccessful field goal or free throw:

-If the offensive team rebounds the ball, it may continue to attempt to score without returning the ball behind the arc before beginning their attack.

-If the defensive team rebounds or steals the ball, it must return the ball behind the arc by dribbling or passing before beginning their offensive attack.

8.3 Possession of the ball given to either team following any dead ball situation shall start with a check (an exchange of the ball between the defensive and offensive player) behind the arc at the top of the court.

8.4 A player is considered to be (behind the arc) when both feet are outside of the arc.

8.5 In the event of a jump ball situation, the defensive team shall be rewarded the ball.

Article 9 Stalling

9.1 Stalling or failing to play actively (ie. not attempting to score) shall first be a warning and secondly be a violation resulting in a change of possession.

Article 10 Substitutions

10.1 Substitutions can be done by either team during a dead ball situation, prior to the check ball. The substitute can enter the game after teammate steps off the court and establishes a physical contact with him.

Article 11 Time - Outs

11.1 Each team is allowed 1 - 30 second timeout per game and can be called in any dead ball situation.  Teams cannot call a timeout in the last 2 minutes of game time.