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Athletic Development, an important part of training!

 PPBA understands that strength and conditioning is an important part of training. We are fortunate to have a relationship with No Limit Performance to help us provide a professional style program for all our athletes. Please see the videos on this page for ideas on how to incorporate an athletic development program that suites your needs! Don’t forget to checkout No Limit Performance for all your basketball and development needs by visiting

AD with Mihai 3 floor fun

AD with Mihai 6

Ad with Mihai 9 Ladder 1

AD with Mihai 1 - the NLP shuffle

AD with Mihai 4 model walk for Ankle strength

AD with Mihai 7 Hurdles 1

AD with Mihai 10 Ladder 2

AD with Mihai 2 Core strengthening

AD with Mihai 5

AD with Mihai 8 Balancing Act

AD with Mihai 11 Floor exercises

AD with Mihai 12 a different bounce